The Benefits of tea

Green Tea

* Green tea is high in anti-oxidants; an inhibitor of the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which can cause artery hardening.

  • The inhibition of the fat embolism.
  • Green tea can help prevent clumping of platelets. This is important in maintaining the flow of blood within the body.

* In a dry tea leaves about 20-30 percent by weight of a substance that has a tart flavor to the relief of diarrhea. Flexibility of the heart muscle and blood vessel walls, making the green tea is suitable for those with high blood pressure.

* The minerals found in full leaf tealeaves are high in chloride helping to strengthen bones and teeth.

* The antioxidants found in green tea leafs can help slow aging and maintain youthfulness.

It is said, that green tea can help prevent Rheumatic arthritis, this commonly occurs in middle-aged women. Rheumatic arthritis can create swelling and aching of muscles and joints.

Oolong (semi-fermented tea)

* The substances of alcohol and aldehyde fragrance found in semi-fermented tea can help in relaxation.

* Caffeine found in tea can stimulate the brain and increase concentration and the metabolic rate. This improves blood circulation and helps maintain a balanced blood pressure.

* Theanine is an amino acid that makes creates a mellow taste in Oolong tea. It helps regulate brain function and can lower blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol.

* Can help prevent heart disease.

* Reduces triglycerides, and blood sugar levels.

* Helps digestion. Relieves dyspepsia.

  • It can reduces the absorption of sugar and fat into the bloodstream when drank with meals.

Thai Tea (fermented tea)

* Can help to reduce migraines.

* Help prevent insomnia.

* Reduce the symptoms of nervous tension.

* Reduce blood pressure.

* Helps digestive system discomfort, vomiting, gastritis and constipation.