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Number One Brand’s Matcha is grinded from the finest grade of Japanese tea. Our Tea Master will not compromise the processing method of the tea to ensure the traditional Japanese method is adopted in our production. The taste of this finely textured bright color green Matcha Powder is smooth and mellow to the palate.

You can drink our Matcha by just adding hot water. It can be served with sugar, milk, honey etc. either hot or cold. The versatile flavoring agents can be mixed with various products to create delicious recipes for confectioneries, sweets and ice cream etc


Matcha Album Can Small

40g bottle

Matcha Album Bag Medium

100g bag


1000g bag


Number One Brand Matcha

Matcha Fresh Milk

Matcha 2 Teaspoon

Hot Water ½ Cup

Sugar 2 Teaspoon

Add fresh milk as your liking


Matcha Condensed Milk

Matcha 2 Teaspoon

Hot Water ¾ Cup

Sugar 2 Teaspoon

Condensed Milk 3 Teaspoon