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With a combination of premium quality Oolong Tea and the rejuvenating powers of Ginseng, the tea boasts a soothing aroma and a sweet after-taste. It provides stimulation to the whole body and helps to reduce fatigue, thus alleviating symptoms of common ailments. Rich in the nutrient, polyphenol and antioxidants, Khai Sinn Ginseng Oolong Tea is the weight loss alternative to exercise – The tea is highly recommended for health conscious drinkers.

Serve or present this Khai Sinn Ginseng Oolong Tea as a gift to pamper your valuable clients and close associates. They will certainly appreciate this fine gift. You can drink it plain or add sugar, honey etc. it can be served either hot or cold


Orientalbeauti Album Bag Big

200g and 500g vacuum bag