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Our Roen Jy Oolong Tea is recognized as the most fragrant among our variety of Tea products. This freshly medium bodied brew has undergone a complicated process to achieve its unique attributes. Famously known as the ‘Champagne of Teas’ among the Roen Jy’s range. Roen Jy Oolong has most polyphenols and also strong anti-oxidant properties to help protect against a variety of health conditions and diseases.

Serve or use this sought after premium tea as a gift to pamper your valuable clients and close associates. They will certainly appreciate this fine gift. You can drink this plain or add sugar, honey etc. It can be savored either hot or cold.


Reonjyoolong Album Bag Big

200g and 500g vacuum bag

Reonjyoolong Album Bag Big3

200g can