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Number One Brand’s Thai Tea is made of the finest grade of quality tea. It has earned its widespread popularity in Thailand and around the world. Backed by 65 years of established experience in the art of tea blending, you deserve to enjoy the delightful taste of this original Thai Tea. With its unique superior flavour, superb aroma and refreshing taste, this Thai Tea is passed on from generation to generation.

Number One Brand’s Red Label Original Thai Tea can be served in various concoctions catering to the different consumers. Among these choices include plain tea, the famous Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), Cha dam Yen (Thai Black Tea), Iced lemon tea, bubble tea either hot or cold. Additionally, the product can be used as an enhancer to concoct your preferred beverage and it can even be mixed with various products to create new flavours for confectioneries, sweets and ice cream etc.



200g and 400g bag

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220g and 450g can


Thai Tea with original filter bag

Thai Tea 2 Tablespoon

Hot Water ¾ Cup

Sugar 1 Teaspoon

Condensed Milk 3 Teaspoon